Britelite Immersive is a Creative Technology firm that places people and brands at the center of content-driven experiences. We specialize in design and development for immersive environments that employ ultra-high definition content and interactive technologies. Through our tenure, we’ve produced immersive and interactive content for some of the world’s largest brands in some of the most innovating environments. At our core, we leverage human interface design and experiential technologies to bring brand stories to life within physical spaces.

What We Do

Interactive Installations

Custom digital installations bring brands to life. We create living stories by combining modern design and UX principles with bleeding-edge sensor technology.

Hardware Design & Integration

Performance and stability is the mantra we live by. Whether we are designing, integrating or advising on hardware we take a bespoke approach to solving complex hardware problems.

Software Development

We are always focused on creating custom front-end and back-end architectures that allow for flexibility of operation, analytics gathering, and content customization.

Creative Technology

We embrace creative technology platforms and computer vision systems that allow people to physically interact with digital installations. We specialize in motion capture & sensor systems, multitouch platforms, immersive environments, etc.

3D Design & Interactive Games

We are thought-leaders in the fields of 3D design, interactivity and storytelling. We understand how to design for physical and digital space, while using GPS, geo-fencing, and beacon data to drive real-time positioning information.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Britelite is passionate about advancing the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality. Our designers and developers are actively defining what is possible with bleeding edge technology such as the Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Mobile VR/AR.

Our Clients

Our Work