We Transform How Brands Engage

Britelite is a Creative Technology agency that was founded to address the needs of big thinkers and bold brands within an evolving digital landscape. We build immersive and interactive installations within physical spaces – from customer experience centers to connected spaces, commercial real-estate developments, retail spaces, live events, and more. We combine strategic design with large scale technologies to create experiences that have a powerful and irresistible effect. Most importantly, we transform how brands engage with their audiences by applying creative thinking to experience design, spatial engineering, and application development. Here’s how we do the impossible…

Destinations Not Diversions

Experiences should be thought of as destinations that redefine how people engage with a brand story. We place visitors in the center of immersive stories, to deepen engagement and reward them with 
an experience that is more memorable than an advertisement. A captivated visitor will give 
you their attention and more.

Curate Accessibility

If people have trouble understanding the purpose or function of an installation, they will avoid engaging all together. We design for ADA compliance and ergonomics so that all barriers to interaction disappear. Moreover, we create accessible active zones for on-screen experiences while ensuring that installations and demos allow for standing and wheelchair height.

Big Ideas Are Not Enough

Successful activations are grounded in strategic thinking, intent, and storytelling. Compelling experiences consider everyone and everything 
in-between: from a business goal to a visitor’s imagination; from initial planning to final launch. 
We use technology strategically to create an emotional connection with your audience and turn complex ideas into simple and clear outcomes.

Innovate with Integrity

Delivering ambitious work takes thinking through every word, pixel and line of code because every touchpoint matters when delivering meaningful interactions for the end user. We work within 
self-imposed constraints when pushing boundaries to ensure the highest quality of the end result.

Environmental Analytics

Leverage useful, non-invasive metrics that provide visitor feedback and track experience ROI. Spacial based proximity sensors can be combined with installation metrics to gain a better understanding of visitor areas of interest, behavioral patterns, throughout, and more.

Keep It Fresh

Avoid content fatigue by designing for experience evolution over time. Build flexible design systems on-top of infrastructure that keep installations consistently fresh, while giving facilities the freedom and knowledge to control the experience center.