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8 high-tech tactics to reopen safely post covid


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Shared experiences are coming back! What does that mean? It means we are opening back up. When we begin returning to work and public places, and having shared experiences, we will have a stronger need for social distancing, surveillance technologies and more. How will brands maintain connection with their audiences and continue to tell stories through experiences with new COVID-19 safety precautions in mind?

While there’s a mad scramble to get spaces open, long term thinking is key to ensuring you’re using this tech safely, effectively, and creatively. Consider a multi-phased approach — here are 8 tactics to think about for opening back up.


Surveillance Technology can be fun too.

By this point, almost all of us have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing our faces transform through an AR filter into a kitten face. Thermal imaging and contact tracing technologies can trigger apprehension and anxiety, but by incorporating the technique of transforming physical appearances or surroundings in fun or creative ways, you're able to transform what would normally be stress inducing to something that creates a comforting or calming effect, and may even get some smiles.


Initiate personal experiences from visitors’ facial expressions.

Use sentiment analysis AI to trigger individual messaging, content and experiences based on individual visitor’s facial expressions and moods.

Facial Recognition


Turn your space into a spaceship.

Take inspiration from Star Trek while creating a safe way for people to move through spaces and activate doors. Sensors used to activate doors can also collect capacity and throughput data that can be used to create data-driven strategies for traffic flows and social distancing.


Leverage technologies such as Intel RealSense or Microsoft Kinect to create contact-less interfaces and experiences.

Imagine navigating through a user interface using nothing but gestures, never touching a physical surface. Any exhibit, kiosk, installation or interface that was previously a touchscreen experience can be reimagined in gesture-based ways that are contact-free and just as engaging or effective. Sensor technology enables limitless interactions with content through skeletal tracking, proximity sensing, and depth sensing, and can analyze the utilization of a space to provide key insights.


Leverage technologies such as the Amazon Echo or microphones with custom infrastructure.

What if your smart home followed you wherever you went? Custom skills for smart home devices, or custom audio capture infrastructure applied to intelligent systems, can enable us to navigate through content without touching a surface or lifting a finger.


Create app-less experiences to enhance visitor experiences.

Mobile phones and tablets have extraordinary capabilities. Simple networking techniques can allow us to scan a QR code and control technology around us from our mobile device. Bluetooth tracking systems can be used to plot a personalized journey through a space and inform facilities staff that sanitation is required. We won’t stop touching our phones, but there are many uncharted ways they can be used to help us stay safe, be more comfortable, and have more fun.


Custom display environments for 180°, 270° or 360° immersion.

Wearing goggles previously worn by others has alway been problematic in public spaces and trade-show floors. From the spreading of germs to not wanting to mess up our hair, many of us have simply avoided it no matter how special the content experience. Immersive digital environments solve this problem by allowing us to collectively enter a virtual world, even while social distancing. Re-imagine your previous VR experiences as dedicated immersive environments, or consider this kind of form factor to deliver powerful, emotion-evoking experiences to visitors in your space.

Virtua Reality at Britelite

Use technology to create new forms of connection

Social distancing creates barriers between people that makes legacy forms of coming together or congregating impossible. We will not only avoid touching screens, we’ll also avoid being in close proximity to each other and feel uneasy being in larger groups. Networked devices and spaces kitted with presence detection and other types of sensing give us the ability to more comfortably live, work, or play in spaces that might otherwise be risky to inhabit.

There are many creative technology projects that are limited to a specific event or performance. At Britelite, however, we are building projects to last. Our clients expect our projects to run reliably for a long time, to be able to change content, and to integrate with other systems.

We have developed an extensive skill set and software library for integrating creative technology tools and techniques with classical software development platforms. For example, we can build a simple website that allows a customer to change the content that is shown on various different displays and installations. Another key capability is being able to deploy new versions of software to interactive installations, without having to be onsite. We can collect usage data to prepare analytics reports – very useful to show the impact of an interactive piece.

For a Gala Event — Britelite’s own proprietary infrastructure managed software for more than 60 separate computer systems, allowing deployment of software and configuration changes centrally. This software backbone allows to connect immersive and interactive installations with front-end and back-end software tools that make our projects much more robust and cost effective. Britelite was able to manage all the technology at the event with a very small and efficient team, and was able to provide the event organizers with detailed analytics almost immediately.

If you are interested in creating powerful interactive experiences for your organization that go beyond the demo, please get in touch!

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