Ash Thorp, The Artist, The Creative Director…The Teacher?

Yep that’s right people, Ash Thorp, the infamous graphic designer himself, is taking his all-around creative acumen to the classroom. To be specific, Ash Thorp is teaching “Futuristic Character Design” and “UI and Data Design for Film” for Learn Squared. Recently created, Learn Squared is fostering the next gen of creative minds, with Ash Thorp and other professional creatives as the driving force.



This is a big deal as Ash Thorp is the mastermind behind the astounding UI graphics in Ender’s Game and Total Recall. Thorp has also contributed to the design direction and concepts for Person of Interest, Prometheus, X-Men First Class, the Amazing Spiderman 2, and more. So as you can see, having Thorp as a teacher and Mentor can really pack on the fuzzy feelings of giddy excitement back into your education.

ADOBE – REMIX – ASH THORP from Ash Thorp on Vimeo.

The artist collective Learn Squared goes by the ethos “Never learn alone. Learn innovative techniques as one industry-leading artist teaches another from a completely different field. You receive the same tutorials, the same information, and the same guidance. Our goal is not only to teach what we’ve learned, but to demonstrate and share how we learn. You can follow our journey, or you can start your own. “ What better way to learn then by the prowess of professional creatives, and all online!

The online classes offered:


Futuristic Character Design

with Maciej Kuciara and Ash Thorp

“From loose sketch to realistic rendered illustration, create futuristic character design with consistency and speed. Tackle difficult subject matter with different concepting techniques.”



Intro to 3D Concept Design

with Jama Jurabaev and Anthony Jones

“Craft stunningly complex concept designs using a multitude of 3D techniques. Compliment your renders with detailed 2D compositing.”



Painting with Confidence

with Anthony Jones and Jama Jurabaev

“Improve your digital paintings by studying advanced practice techniques. Produce a multitude of unique and efficient portfolio-ready designs.”



UI and Data Design for Film

with Ash Thorp and Maciej Kuciara

“From thumbnail sketch to final render, visionary designer Ash Thorp will show you how to create production-ready UI and data elements for Hollywood films.”


Learn Squared is also offering mentorship alongside this creative program… granted, you must sign up for the professional plan, but really why wouldn’t you sign up for the professional plan in the first place?! Seriously everybody, just Miyagi your way into success.

If online tutorials and a sweet mentorship doesn’t do it for you, and you just want to be in-the-know on the latest and greatest in design and art, I suggest tuning in to Ash Thorp’s The Collective Podcast. We have a Britelite Colleague in the Ash Thorp class so stay tuned for the full review of Learn Squared.


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