The Creative Code Showcase

Ten weeks worth of plotting and planning all came together at The Grand for the Gray Area Creative Code Summer Showcase. Artists had worked closely with industry mentors (including some esteemed members of the Britelite staff) to create projects that displayed not only their skills but their passion. We were so excited to be able to go see these experiences live for the first time.


The Creative Code Showcase was led by Gray Area’s Education Director Matt Ganucheau and instructors Mark Hellar, Ian Heisters, Adam Laskowitz, Martin Velez and Sarah Wever. The small eclectic group of artist featured were Andrew Kleindolph, Jill Hubley, Carlo Urmy, Steve Pepple, Joseph Burg, Elaine Laguerta, Lindsay Irving, Sadie Coughlin-Prego, Eve Weinberg, Anna Carey, Zahin Ali, Ashley Puente, Duran Rose, Martin Velez, Sarah Wever. There seemed to be a theme for the event and it was screaming Data Visualization… Interactive data visualizations to be exact. Check out some of the exciting exhibits below.


Number Fog Designs 

PicMonkey Collage

The project applies data visualization and drawings into fabric patterns that capture the prevalence, contrasts, and frictions of rapid change in the Bay Area. The Data is derived from sociopolitical concerns such as property value, transportation, and income. – Created by Andrew Kleindolph


Urban Digital Displays – Data Canvas


Located outside The Grand, The Data Canvas greeted people with interactive displays that explores the temporal identity and pulse of places in cities around the world. The team conducted several experiments based upon different environmental factors, such as pollution, noise, dust, light, and social media. – Created by Aurelia Friedland, Srivinas Ashok & Steve Pepple


Shoreline Dimensions 


The dynamic relationship between the sea and the land that shapes the Bay Area was explored from a ” deep time” perspective, spanning the last glacial maximum (18,000 ears ago) to 100 years into the future. With a push of a button and a swipe of the hand, this project displayed how humans and the sea have modified the shoreline and wetland habitats that surround the Bay. -Lindsay Irving 


Invasive Ricochet 


 It is vital to recognize the impact on the local landscape and Invasive Ricochet displayed just that, with the touch of the base of the plants and you could see just that.– Created by Jill Hubley


Can you hack it? Sign up for the Fall Creative Code Program, and find out…

At the intersection of Art and Technology lays the foundation for a 10 week mentoring and education program from Gray Area Art & Technology. Resident instructors guide participants through a sequence of topics that are designed to both lead to mastery of core techniques and strengthen students’ professional practice in the field of art and technology.
Fall Session: September 22nd – November 28th Showcase: December 9th


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  • Will you join us for a party on the waterfront?
San Francisco Design Week returns to Pier 27 this year on June 20th, gathering together under the theme “COMMUNITY”. Attend the Opening Night Party and experience a designer’s life through interactive exhibits, installations, and makers. Enjoy music, food trucks by Off the Grid, and beer by Fort Point Brewery. Highlights include the 2019 Design Awards, Stanford’s D School, and artist installations featuring @marpistudio + @briteliteimmersive , Adrien Rovero and more! #sfdweek2019 #sanfrancisco #creativetechnology #uxdesign #uidesign
  • @grayareaorg Theatre hosted an experience by @rhizomatiks Research x @elevenplay x @kcimc in collaboration with Heron Arts. Discrete Figures 2019 had a minimalist stage/set design paired with five dancers, and music reminiscent of the fifth element soundtrack, and it was unexpected to feel the strength and power of the performance within the first ten minutes. There were tears shed and jaws dropped due to the magnitude of power and beauty the performance brought the audience on Friday. We will be writing a blog about the performance but in the meantime we’d like to say thank you to everyone involved, 10/10 recommend!
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With @gloom303 and @legible, a collaboration with @briteliteimmersive for @sfdesignweek opening party June 20th.

Live tracked @_ahering playing with digital alien flowers 🌼
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  • A Chicago rooftop seems like a good place to have meetings this week. #britelitesf #agencylife #chicagorooftops
  • “At Britelite we believe design is more than aesthetics; it’s a modality that combines art, user experience design, and technology.” - John Flores, CEO of @briteliteimmersive
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