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Being stuck at home has led me down many rabbit holes, such as watching Tiger King, 90 day fiance, firefly again and has also expanded how I look for art and artists. The search for art that was being produced became difficult for a few months because nothing was being publicly displayed due to covid shutdowns. So as a creative, I got creative and tapped into the artists’ community on instagram. It may seem unorthodox to find creatives on Instagram, but the visual based platform is the perfect incubator for trailblazing artists. Experimenting with a gamut of creative tools and output, these artists have evoked wonderment and awe. These are the trailblazers everyone should be watching...

Don Allen Stevenson III

Artist Instagram: @donallenii

Spirited in fun and educational, Don Allen is one of the rising stars in animation right now. Spread out across youtube, tik tok, and instagram you can easily access his augmented reality animations, graphic design work, tutorials, fun games and more. First, let's ask the most logical question… How does he produce that much creative content?!?! From the outside looking in, I’d say it’s his pure love and joy for animation. I took a deep dive into his work after watching this video on instagram:

Oftentimes I’ll see a great animation, but that’s just what it is -- just an animation. He has a mind that integrates various technologies into his stories and expands on what an animation can be, with Augmented reality. With versatile creative abilities and great storytelling , he has made sure to share his knowledge with the world.

How to Shoot Augmented Reality Videos

Learn how to make an augmented reality riddle

Eugene Sharpe

Artist Instagram: @ueeism

Are you looking to calm TF down after a long day of looking at covid news articles? Well my friends do I have the artist for you… Eugene Sharpe is a Multimedia designer who is always looking to push and pull different aspects of new media art. What was decidedly different about his work, is that he also integrates his own music into his art. Check out his Instagram for more...

Surreal for the feels

Alda Boyd

Artist Instagram: @aqua.grl

Originally I noticed Alda Boyd as one of the standout artists exhibited in the Digital Art Series zaz corner billboards from Lightbox in collaboration with Zaz10ts . Creating 3D, VR and creative technology works of art, she sets an aesthetically pleasing tone with her use of color, and unique representations.

Dreaming of places that don’t exist...

Feeling inspired yet?


Artist Instagram: @stephyfung

This self titled tech head has skills as a 3D motion designer, self taught in Cinema 4D, Adobe Suite, Unity, Spark, and AR. Her foundation is graphic design, she also has passion within interaction design and animation. Again her work caught my eye on instagram, her style is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. Her use of shapes and color bring her animations to life in a way I can’t describe, so take a look…

Amazing work

36 days of type

Wise words

A Share from one of our very own Ryan Lotz

Our Experience Architect brings a lot to the table here at Britelite. This versatile artist has teamed up with Sarah Griffin Lotz to create beautifully composed videos and music. Sarah composited all the footage together in Resolume Arena and added tasteful overlay FX and crossfades.

The visuals are inspired by some of Gmunk's hybrid digital/analog work like his Adobe project and Microsoft. Experimenting with abstract light patterns through different prisms, etc.

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