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Technology ’s growing effect on modern art is indisputable and expanding at a rapid rate, to show off just what our community of artists are capable of -- here is another round of 'Inspiration Sensations'. The range of immersive artists is vast and interesting, and boy do we have some interesting art for you today. Today we are featuring artists Ned kahn, Charles Gadeken, Yelena and Serge of HYBYCOZO.

Ned Kahn

Kahn is known to duplicate nature in it’s purest form but with a twist of technology. Taking inspiration not only from the flow of nature, there also seems to be an interesting emphasis on the placement of his work, creating unique and mystifying experiences. Ned Kahn is an artist we hope to interview, because we need to know more, but in the meantime here are some beautiful examples of his inspiring works of art…

Prairie Tree

Intended to suggest a hybrid between a tree and a field of prairie grass, the stainless steel vertical structure supports thousands of anodized aluminum panels that rotate in the wind. Designed in collaboration with Field Operations, the landscape architects. Commissioned by the City of Minneapolis.

Encircled Cloud

Mist billows from a 6-foot diameter stainless steel ring. Visitors can run through the ring. The portal serves to frame and at the same time obscure the view of the landscape beyond.

“My artworks frequently incorporate flowing water, fog, sand and light to create complex and continually changing systems. Many of these works can be seen as “observatories” in that they frame and enhance our perception of natural phenomena. I am intrigued with the way patterns can emerge when things flow. These patterns are not static objects, they are patterns of behavior – recurring themes in nature.”

- Ned Kahn

Charles Gadeken

A local Bay Area hero of industrial art, Charles Gadeken has been working in this wild Bay Area art scene for 25+ years. His industrial art is inclusive in the theme of technology, adding elements of LED, movement, flame, hydraulics, and electricity—to increase the visual and physical impact of his works. The work he has produced throughout the years has landed him in an educational position at the prestigious Stanford as an adjunct professor in the Electrical Engineering department. The rumor is he will be installing a permanent LED light sculpture at Stanford as well. Can we somehow add him to our roster of artist to interview? we will see.


Crown is a kinetic robotic sculpture of four looming three-jointed towers arranged in a square. Hydraulic actuators control the movement of the joints to move the tower segments inward and outward in hypnotic waves. The towers are covered with laser-cut wood filigree over diffusion plastic and lit from within by thousands of LEDs.


is a spatial and architectural exploration of LED light control designed to please the eye and entice the mind. Beautiful and educational, TABULA displays information about the world around us and below our feet. TABULA interprets an open and live seismic data feed made public by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), creating an illuminating display of seismic light on geographical images. Video by Allen Mort.

“Focused on engaging the imagination both in the objects he creates and the method of their creation, Charles is dedicated to increasing artistic community and public awareness of art. Many of his pieces are interactive, encouraging spectators to become participants in the artistic experience. He not only makes art, but also uses his artistic practice to encourage others to do so. Charles has inspired hundreds of people to participate in art-making and personally trained volunteers in the process of creating and installing art for private collections and public art for various commissions.”

- About Charles Gadeken


We love a good duo, and Yelena Filipchuk + Serge Beaulieu of HYBYCOZO are a perfect example of creative collaborators to admire. HYBYCOZO is short for "Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone" a nod from their favorite book 'Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy'. Their work is a series of large geometric CAD laser cut shapes that illuminate playful lighting systems installed in the most obscure of places, such as in the desert for the event burning man. Their work investigates geometric exploration through light, shadow, and perception.

" We create, fabricate, and install artwork throughout the world.

- YF + SB

As we continue to our explore artists within our community, our need to dig even deeper is becoming clear and we are going to start interviewing these artists. We want to know their go to music while working, their go to snacks, what makes their workflow successful, what tools they use and more. Let us know what artists you'd like to see us feature/interview, and what questions you want answered! to view some of these artists work in person take a look at one of our latest blogs '10 must-see works of creative technology art in San Francisco'.

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