Britelite’s AWE 2019 Highlights

We took some time to visit the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, a large yearly exhibition of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. I’ve been to AWE a few times, and the thing I most noticed this year is the very obvious trend towards enterprise oriented AR as the most common element. In previous

Drone imagery for experience design

A key challenge in creating truly immersive experiences is creating environments that are sufficiently detailed and realistic to allow a user to really buy in. By using drones to capture highly detailed 3D imagery, Britelite has been able to inform and shape the creation of some of our most expansive projects. We primarily use these

Spatial AR: beyond the goggles

When you mention Augmented Reality, most people will think of goggle based systems like the Microsoft Hololens and the Magic Leap, or increasingly, phone or tablet based apps that overlay digital content on a camera feed. However, the next frontier in Spatial AR requires thinking about more than what a user puts on their head,

Exploring future public spaces with CCA’s Digital Craft Lab

Written by Gian Pablo Villamil At Britelite Immersive, we are very excited about the trend towards immersive, interactive artworks in public spaces. In recent years, projects like the Bay Lights and Day for Night (Salesforce tower) have become emblematic parts of the urban landscape in San Francisco and other places. The practice of architecture and

Team Britelite weighs in on CES: 2019

Is the future you dreamed of all at CES 2019?  We think so…   We could dedicate this whole blog to the T.V tech that has rolled out of CES… It’s a lot, like a lot, but we had to focus on something so we are featuring our Britelite team favorites. Now if you are

What is Creative Technology?

If you are part of the advertising, digital media, or the visual arts community, you likely have come across the term “creative technology” or noticed Creative Technologists popping up in your network. But what does creative technology really mean? How does it relate to you, the Art Director, Software Developer or consumer? Can technology be

Britelite goes live with Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles
  Who are you following on Snapchat? Is it ours? Because it should be (@britelitesf), or just anybody that has Snapchat Spectacles…. Not to undercut the experience of regular Snapchat use, but the Snapchat Spectacles really up the game. I know what you are thinking, but why? Why did Snapchat create the Spectacles? How can

Britelite’s VR Weekly – You Gotta see this!

Virtual reality, VR
Quick, what is the number one way to get our staff to freak out? Announce something rad about VR… or cater a meeting. Well, no snacks today, but the number of VR announcements in the last week have kept the staff over here glued to the various live streams and there has been more than

Behind the Fourth Phase: The tech that made it possible

fourth phase
  On September 8th 2016 at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, the world got its first exclusive sneak peek of the most highly anticipated action sports movie ever released, The Fourth Phase. The follow up to Travis Rice’s smash hit The Art Of Flight, this film promised to once again break the boundaries between film,


  • Recently our Executive Creative Director, Patrice Speed had the chance to speak on stage at the TIDE conference in Orlando and share a bit of our work process with an audience from all over the world. Now we’re trying to bring our panel on the Power of Interactivity back for a reunion at SXSW 2020. As one of the biggest hubs for bringing together people focused on innovation, it’s the perfect stage to continue this conversation. Click the link in our bio to read our latest blog and vote for our panel!! #sxsw2020 #sxswpanelpicker .
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  • REPOST from • @touchdesigner ・・・
Automatic #projectionmapping of a #scalemodel calibration #technology custom made in #touchdesigner for #interactiveart in collaboration with @mb_labs
 #architecture #lightingdesign #3dprinting
  • Every year, the @grayareaorg Art + Technology Festival features new works, presentations and workshops. We attended some of the events, and there are two in particular that stood out, that really made us think long after the performance was over. #creativetechnology #immersiveart
#grayareafest #immersive #immersiveartist #interactive #interactiveartmuseum #interactiveart #art #artist #festival #visuals #audiovisualart 
Our latest blog is up, click the link in our bio! /blog/food-for-thought-from-the-gray-area-art-festival/
  • A list of must see creative technology works of art in #SanFrancisco! San Francisco’s art and culture have been increasingly intertwined with technology for the past several decades. Some of the products of that intersection are very visible, such as the Bay Lights, but there are many hidden treasures. Click the link in our bio to learn more!!!
#immersiveart #interactiveart 
#art #artist #sanfranciscolife 
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  • Thank you @marpistudio - We had the pleasure of working closely with #Marpi Studio on a large-scale interactive installation! .
Repost from #marpi ▶️ @marpistudio Creating AI creatures with touch.
Wave Atlas teaser on (touchscreen) display at @sfdesignweek thanks to @briteliteimmersive
Models by @legible, Sounds by @gloom303
  • Our latest blog is up! Here at Britelite the discussion of what inspires us comes up daily. We storyboard, we mood board, we even pinterest, and we are always looking to our great community of digital artist to help propel our ideation process. Straight from the Britelite creative team, here are 3 digital artist that we love... CLICK the link in our bio! Artwork pictured from @chelleysherman .
We are looking to you to name the next artist we should feature, leave a comment below! .
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