Interview with Sam Welker of Think Particle

Fuel powered by Jimmy John sandwiches and the music of 21 pilots, Sam Welker is the unique mind behind Think Particle. Think Particle is a motion graphics and visual effects blog that works with industry leading tools such as Maxon Cinema 4D, SideFX Houdini, Arnold, Black Magic, Design Fusion and Resolve, The Adobe Creative Cloud,

The Spotlite: Progress In VR

The world of Virtual Reality can be more about what you hear is going on than you what see happening. This past month has been all about finally seeing in VR applied! It’s been a big month for this technology so let’s get right to it… Get ready to dive into VR with YouTube VR

The Backstage Show – AMAs 2015

Getting backstage during award shows has traditionally been something only a few lucky individuals get to do. We at Britelite don’t think that should be the case, and of course we had to put our technology to work at this year’s American Music Awards, and bring the fans along for the ride. With Justin Bieber

Ash Thorp, The Artist, The Creative Director…The Teacher?

Yep that’s right people, Ash Thorp, the infamous graphic designer himself, is taking his all-around creative acumen to the classroom. To be specific, Ash Thorp is teaching “Futuristic Character Design” and “UI and Data Design for Film” for Learn Squared. Recently created, Learn Squared is fostering the next gen of creative minds, with Ash Thorp

C4D R17- Takes on Takes

We use a lot of tools to get the job(s) done around here, it can take a team of 6, all using a different primary tool to get a project from concept to completion. There are a few tools that we find ourselves using time and time again, and high on that list is Cinema

Dreamforce Awakens 2015

If you live or work in San Francisco, it’s no news to you that Dreamforce – Salesforce’s mega-massive yearly conference – came and went, leaving us in awe as we ask ourselves, “What the heck just happened?”   Dreamforce took the city by hostage, occupied all available hotel and AirBnB rooms in town, and even

The Creative Code Showcase

Ten weeks worth of plotting and planning all came together at The Grand for the Gray Area Creative Code Summer Showcase. Artists had worked closely with industry mentors (including some esteemed members of the Britelite staff) to create projects that displayed not only their skills but their passion. We were so excited to be able to

Microsoft Hololens Review

We were lucky enough to get invited to a very special Microsoft Hololens demo in Seattle a few weeks ago where we had a chance to get up close and personal with Microsoft’s newest foray into the VR community. This event was closely controlled and there are a lot of really interesting secrets that we

Samsung Gear VR Review

At Britelite we are always on the lookout for new and deployable virtual reality options that can be used to bring our customers ideas to life. Often, clients want to do VR setups, but are hindered by the wires and computing requirements of the system. Lofty goals can become a development nightmare when trying to


  • We are excited to announce that our Executive Creative Director, Patrice Speed will be a speaker for the #TideConference - Where creativity and technology meet. Patrice will be speaking about some of our work on a panel about the power of interactivity. .
Find out more here:
  • Today’s office for some of team Britelite! #agencylife #britelitesf
  • Working on something special in the @BriteliteSF lab! #digitalsignage #installation #uxdesign
  • Yesterday’s work views #nbd #britelitesf
  • Do we have the doorway to the  matrix or is this just the LG 88” Ultra Stretch Digital Signage Display? You decide 😉.
The @lgusa 88” Ultra Stretch Digital Signage Display is a new wide screen format with 32:9 bar type and Ultra HD resolution, making it the most promising display for advertisement and information delivery! #digitalsignage #LG
  • The LG 88” Ultra Stretch Digital Signage Display has been unleashed in the #britelitesf lab! Stay tuned to see what it looks like setup... .
The @lgusa 88” Ultra Stretch Digital Signage Display is a new wide screen format with 32:9 bar type and Ultra HD resolution, making it the most promising display for advertisement and information delivery! #digitalsignage #LG