Inspiration sensations: 3 Digital Artist that we love

Here at Britelite the discussion of what inspires us comes up daily. We storyboard, we mood board, we even pinterest, and we are always looking to our great community of digital artist to help propel our ideation process. Straight from the Britelite creative team, here are 3 digital artist that we love… Chelley Sherman This local artist from San

Makers in conversation: Opportunities & challenges facing SF designers

Hosted by DZINE, an event entitled: “MAKERS IN CONVERSATION: Opportunities & Challenges Facing SF Designers,” posed a bold question: “What does it take to be a maker in San Francisco and get recognized around the world?” To answer, a panel of four distinguished guests from four distinct creative pursuits were brought to the table. The

Britelite at SFDW

What is San Francisco Design Week 2019? San Francisco Design Week is the largest design event on the West Coast, a week-long festival of events, open-houses and conferences. Britelite Immersive was excited to participate in SFDW 2019. As designers and creatives ourselves, we were pleased to contribute an interactive installation for the SFDW 2019 opening

Smart spaces and learning from Dynamicland

What is a smart space, and what does it let you do? Britelite Immersive has been creating immersive experiences for several years, and we’ve noticed an interesting trend in our work: the value of linking together multiple installations to create an entire environment that responds to users, a “smart space”. Taken together, they become the

Using AI in Creative Technology

One of the most important technology trends right now is the growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many areas related to human interaction. As a creative technology firm that produces immersive experiences, the team at Britelite has looked ahead to how AI can be applied. AI has implications beyond traditional applications in design and can

Britelite gets immersed in Discrete Figures 2019

Presenting a minimalist set design paired with five uniformed dancers, and music reminiscent of the fifth element soundtrack, you can feel the strength and power of the performance art piece Discrete Figures 2019 within the first ten minutes. There were tears shed and jaws dropped due to the magnitude of power and beauty the performance brought

Britelite’s AWE 2019 Highlights

We took some time to visit the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, a large yearly exhibition of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems. I’ve been to AWE a few times, and the thing I most noticed this year is the very obvious trend towards enterprise oriented AR as the most common element. In previous

Drone imagery for experience design

A key challenge in creating truly immersive experiences is creating environments that are sufficiently detailed and realistic to allow a user to really buy in. By using drones to capture highly detailed 3D imagery, Britelite has been able to inform and shape the creation of some of our most expansive projects. We primarily use these

Spatial AR: beyond the goggles

When you mention Augmented Reality, most people will think of goggle based systems like the Microsoft Hololens and the Magic Leap, or increasingly, phone or tablet based apps that overlay digital content on a camera feed. However, the next frontier in Spatial AR requires thinking about more than what a user puts on their head,


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