The Spotlite: The Design Edition

This week in the Spotlite, Slack is upping your chat game, Windows 10 is making it easier to bring your creations to life and VR is all the rage.   Slack   Slack, is there a better system for sending memes and custom emojis to your co-workers? At BLI we have been Slack fans for

Hack Your Closet

Ever hear, “do you have that app”? Well the fashion community is always looking for that next killer app, and here are a few that will hack your closet…   Chictopia   This fashion app is a hub that tightly integrates Content, Community, and Commerce. It’s the triple threat of fashion apps, providing: style inspiration

Skynet is online

I don’t know about you, but I certainly spent a healthy portion of my youth wondering what would happen when the machines took over. Well, it looks like the end is nigh, because Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has made a robot that is aware of itself. The programmers of the robot, or robots in this case,

The Future of Shopping is Shaping Up

Technology is making its way into your favorite stores… That  sideways look from a retail associate when you walk into a store on your phone really puts a damper on a your shopping experience, am I right? Well, that stigma is a thing of the past, and now, with new interactive experiences retail stores are starting

Our Hand in VR

VR is one of those things that tends to come off as a totally immersive experience, or it doesn’t really work at all. The fact that most virtual reality experiences are very high level and do not have a ton of game mechanics means that users really need to buy into the world for the

The Britelite E3 Wrap-up…. Excited Yet?

Well… another E3 has come and gone and we are left rifling through the ashes looking for leftover playable demos. If you read our initial E3 review you know there are some wild things coming to the world of digital entertainment soon, and at the very least we have been promised that the future will

The Top 4 Announcements at E3 so far…

This has been a doozy of a week for announcements… Apple finally figured out Spotify, Jon Snow knows even less now, and there is a little conference in LA that people seem to be talking about… E3. This year E3 is turning out to be the biggest tease for fanboys since, well since Sunday. The

Bespoke’s Grand Opening

It was a pretty Grand Opening… Last week I found myself in an exciting but curious position. I was standing in the same space that I had been planning, working and crawling around in for the better part of a year. That was normal. What made this night unique was the fact that I was

Getting Twitchy With It

Twitch is fast becoming the sweet spot for live streaming. You can find Battlefield sessions, Minecraft live builds and epic sessions of people playing a vintage Ms. Pacman machine.  Around the Britelite office we have found a different use for this lofty gamer tool. Anyone who does graphic arts for fun or profit is well familiar


  • We don't always do print design, but when we do it die cut or bust! #design #printdesign
  • Does everything in our office light up? #yesofcourse #fridayfun
  • Testing out some fun installations! #britelitesf
  • A field trip with the Britelite design team at the @sfmoma today! .
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  • Friday Fun with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on a small 190” Screen. .
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  • 2018 was our best year yet at Britelite and we wanted to share some of the things that made it so exciting... To see the whole video find us on Facebook.