Immersive Research Center


Britelite recently designed immersive and interactive experiences for a research center in Cambridge, MA. Working in collaboration with NBBJ, Britelite created content stories to be told in the newly renovated lobby that connect people to the science and innovation being fostered at the center. Through the use of architecture and experiential design, the space was transformed into a large immersive lounge with connected experiences that welcome visitors, promote professional collaboration, and educate colleagues. This unique environment leverages interactive technology to reinforce the idea that the center is a space dedicated to the culture of healing and wellness.

Our Role

  • 3D Design & Rendering

    Created molecular animations for the Immersive Wall based on modality interactions being researched at the center

  • Immersive Wall App

    Developed an 8K Immersive Wall application that responds to Interactive Table events and Responsive Story Column interactions

  • Interactive Table Content

    Designed a touch table app that allows visitors to play with 3D molecules while launching related immersive content on the wall

  • Responsive Story Columns

    Developed a sensor based experience that allows visitors to launch patient and research stories when standing in front of digital columns

  • Holographic Content

    Designed and implemented high resolution 3D molecule animations for the center’s DreamOc holographic display

  • Custom CMS

    Developed a Content Management System that allows Amgen to curate and update digital content in the center

Immersive Wall


  • 1.9MM LED Panel
    1.9MM LED Panel
  • Interactive Technology
    4K Touch Table
  • Octane Render Engine
    Octane Render
  • WebGL and 3D Design
  • Sonar
    Motion Sensors

Interactive Table

The Result

    On June 2, 2017 the eight-story, 297,000-square-foot research center was launched. The prestigious event was attended by executives, researchers, and government officials including Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Senator Edward Markey. As reported on the event “The company embarked on developing an open environment setting, designed for staff to share and communicate ideas easier, to enable more efficient decision-making and to foster greater collaboration amongst staff and the surrounding life sciences community. The lobby showcases interactive, visual elements to describe the company’s biology-first approach to understanding disease, and patient and research videos highlighting their focus in cardiovascular disease, oncology, bone health, neuroscience, nephrology and inflammation.”

Experience Design