Cisco Live

VR Experience


Virtual Reality Tour

InVision Communication turned to Britelite to co-develop a Cisco virtual reality application with Obscura Digital. As a narrative experience, the VR application provided insight into Cisco’s advancements in the world of IoT as applied to manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. Additionally, the experience showcased how Cisco products drive innovation, streamline pipelines, lower costs and increase ROI opportunities.

Google Cardboard

Our Role

  • Conceptual Design

    Provided conceptual design and renders for the virtual environment

  • Unity Development

    Worked with Obscura to develop Unity scenes integrated into the VR build

  • 3D Design

    Created 3D assets and animations for the experience including environmental structures, textures, people, and vehicles

  • Testing & Refinement

    Provided user testing, content updates, and audio processing for final build and redeployment iterations.

Cisco VR


  • VR
    Google Cardboard
  • Maya
    Autodesk Maya
  • particle system
    Particle Playground
  • unity
  • C4D

The Result

    The Cisco Live VR experience became a valuable tool used as a part of the larger Cisco EBC. Clients were able to see Cisco technology applied to their own business pain points through the immersive lens of VR. Cisco was able to bring their IOT and industrial systems into the conversation when clients were physically in the designated environment, leading to better communication with clients and increased sales opportunities.

Virtual Reality