Immersive Launch


In April 2017 Muscle Milk asked Britelite to help them launch their new premium line of protein shakes Evolve during National Parks week. To celebrate their new all natural product, Britelite sent our team to capture custom 8k content at some of America’s most beautiful national parks. We then used that content to create a one of a kind yoga studio featuring an immersive 360 projection array, making it feel as if attendees were taking a yoga class in some of the most stunning locations in the US.

Our Role

  • Immersive Environment

    Custom built Yoga studio with immersive projection and lighting

  • Content Capture

    Location based content capture at 8k in Arches, Yosemite and Redwoods national parks

  • Projection Mapping

    360 degree projection system provided a unique launch experience

  • On-Site Support

    Production support, technical direction, and lighting

Muscle Milk

Tools & Technology

  • Touch Designer
    Touch Designer
  • Video Capture
    RED Helium Camera
  • Immersive
    DLP Projection
  • Adobe Premier
    Adobe Premier

The Result

The Evolve Launch event was a huge success, both for local attendees and for the brand at large. In addition to creating an incredibly unique and immersive Yoga studio, the Evolve Launch event created a one of a kind press experience for the wide reaching Muscle Milk Evolve media campaign focused around the natural beauty of our world and the power of plant based protein.

Redwoods National Park