World Economic Forum

Interactive Experiences

World Economic Forum

In late 2016, Jack Morton reached out to Britelite to create and deploy several interactive experiences for Facebook at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. As such, we designed and developed “Economic Impact”, a smart table experience that used objects to launch success stories related to small business ventures while highlighting how people use Facebook to grow businesses in developing nations. Additionally, we developed a unique 54 screen “Global Voices” installation that demonstrated how people use Facebook across the world to share moments, celebrate together, and support one another.

World Economic Forum

Our Role

  • Exhibition Design

    Designed and developed two installations using Facebook content, user stories, and data from Facebook’s Future of Business Survey

  • Object Recognition

    Developed a Multitaction smart table experience that used thematically relevant objects to launch stories and corresponding data visualizations

  • Brand Integration

    Worked with Jack Morton to develop a true Facebook experience that used branded elements and thematic content

  • Content Management

    Developed a web based content management system that allowed Facebook to configure and update content based on select visitors

Object Recognition


  • C4D
    Multi-Screen Array
  • Multitaction
  • Touch Screen
    Touch Screen
  • React.js
  • Node.js


The Result

Facebook executives used our interactive experiences to communicate customer success stories to some of their most significant clients and as well as world leaders from around the globe. They set the standard for technology deployments at the World Economic Forum by reinforcing Facebook’s brand goal of connecting the world through innovation. The interactive screen array and smart table installation provided a centralized platform for Facebook to use relevant objects to tell micro and macro stories related to business growth and educational opportunities within developing nations.
Additionally, the platform was successfully used to create awareness and establish a sense of urgency with global leaders to invest in those critical technology platforms, such as Facebook, that can provide a positive impact on economic growth.