Infra Summit

Projection Mapping for Facebook

Infra Summit

Facebook hosts a yearly internal Infrastructure Summit to discuss technology trends happening in their evolving business ecosystem. The theme of this year’s summit was innovation through exploration. In support of this message, Britelite built a 170ft wide custom projection stage and provided seamless animation loops transporting attendees into deep space.

Our Role

  • Design & Animation

    Conceived and designed all visual content including 12K seamless animations

  • Media Playback

    Developed a custom media playback engine and content control system

  • Stage Design

    Designed and build a custom 170ft anamorphic projection stage

  • System Engineering

    Provided on-site system engineers and projectionists

Facebook Projection Mapping


  • projection
    20K Projector Array
  • after effects
    After Effects
  • touchdesigner
  • c4d
    Cinema 4D / Octane

The Result

    Our projection array system included 8 Christie projectors that drove 150,000 lumens of light across a 170 ft stage. To meet the resolution demands of the environment, 12K animations had to be created at 10:1 aspect ratio. Cutting edge video codecs were used to maximize playback performance. The end result was a larger than life projection environment that was out of this world.

Facebook Immersive Event