Exhibition Design


Over the last year, Britelite has partnered with Future Fires to explore the intersection between art, technology, and music. The culmination of this collaboration was Luminary, an event at The Midway SF that explored the visionary work of creators and musicians from around the world using emerging technologies: immersive audio, drones, VR, projection mapping, and more. Working in collaboration with the prolific visual artist Can Büyükberber and co-conspirator Yagmur Uyanik, we premiered a stunning, large-scale projection-mapped piece in The Midway Gallery. Additionally, we curated the digital exhibition “Building the Future” that highlighted new approaches to architecture, design, and technology.

Our Role

  • Projection Mapping

    Worked with Can Büyükberber to deploy a projection installation using three 15K projectors

  • Exhibition Design

    Designed and developed a unique 7 screen installation dubbed “Building the Future”

  • Technical Support

    Provided technical support including hardware design, projection management, and installation

  • Sponsorship Content

    Curated digital content for Luminary sponsors and artists in residence

Projection Mapping


  • LED Panel
    Immersive Projection
  • TouchDesigner
  • C4D
    Video Wall Array
  • C4D
    Adobe Suite


The Result

The first annual Luminary SF event sold out all general admission and VIP tickets. Artists, including Shigeto, Can Büyükberber and Christopher Willits, were able to bring their creations to life and create technology infused experiences with the help of partners Britelite, As You Like It, Envelop, and more. The widely successful event was the first in a series of festivals that will continue to explore the intersection of technology, art and music.

Visual Artist