VR & 3D Experiences


Westfield asked Britelite to design a VR experience and 3D exploration system that would introduce guests to a new innovation center at their San Francisco Center. The experiences were designed to introduce visitors to the revolutionary space while ground was being broken. As such, we modeled the entire fourth floor space and created a detailed 3d environment that can be explored via 4k touchscreen and VR HMD. Users were able to see what the space would become and explore fully flushed out use cases of each area. The project was used in concepting for the final build, as a sales tool by the Bespoke team and as a re-deployable example of retail innovation.

Virtual Reality

Our Role

  • 3D Design

    Created 3D assets for the experience including environmental structures, textures, lighting, etc.

  • Unity Development

    Built the real-time Unity application that drove the VR experience

  • Back-End Integration

    Integrated Saleforce, Saleseek, and a custom CMS to capture leads, monitor interest, and manage visual assets

  • App Development

    Created a Node.js based web application that allowed users to navigate throughout the virtual environment via their mobile phone



  • VR
    Oculus Rift
  • Maya
    Autodesk Maya
  • Node.js
  • C4D
  • Unity

The Result

The Bespoke Virtual Reality experience became a go-to tool for the Westfield team to show the power of their future of retail initiatives. It allowed clients and stakeholders to explore the space with a fully fleshed out use case such as an event setup or active demo in progress, giving users a much better understanding of the value and potential of the Bespoke Coworking, Event and Demo space. This system has also been used as a model for future deployments of the future of retail system at locations such as Westfield Garden State Plaza and One World Trade locations.