Britelite’s VR Weekly – You Gotta see this!

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Quick, what is the number one way to get our staff to freak out? Announce something rad about VR… or cater a meeting. Well, no snacks today, but the number of VR announcements in the last week have kept the staff over here glued to the various live streams and there has been more than one overly excited nerd conversation about the future of render engines. Since we are in the holiday spirit over here, we thought we would share what we are thankful for in virtual reality.


Chicago Cubs win the World Series in VR and IRL…

Congrats Chicago cubs you’re in VR… J/K congrats on winning the world series too! While it has been a good month for virtual reality it has been a terrible month for goat-based curses. The Cubs won the world series and because we live in the future, you can be part of the moment in this YouTube virtual reality clip from the stadium.


Intel Acquires Voke

Speaking of VR sports… Intel just announced the acquisition of Voke, a cutting edge VR company that specializes in capturing sports events in virtual reality. This could mean that watching the Super Bowl from the field using your favorite HMD may be a reality sooner that you think.



Have you heard of FOO VR? Of course you have, because you are cool and on the pulse of the industry. If not, HMD up because it’s a VR only show about VR, featuring creators talking about their content inside their content. It’s the virtual reality turducken that we have all been having fever dreams about. Featuring Tested’s Will Smith and a revolving series of guests the show gives audience a really unique way to be a part of the interview and really explore.


Bjork’s teaser for her latest VR Music Video

Bjork is back at it again with the most scary beautiful visuals in the most technologically advanced format available, virtual reality. Bjork, known for pushing musical and visual boundaries has teamed up directors Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones as well as Digital Domain to create a revolutionary series of videos for her Vulnicuras album. The latest preview, for the song “Notget” is immaculately rendered and full of intense virtual reality imagery. The video will be released next week and more videos are slated to come out through the rest of the year.


360 VR paintings for Dr. Strange

Tilt Brush is a great medium to work in and Marvel commissioned several well known virtual reality artists, including local favorite Steve Teeple (aka Teeps) to create Tilt Brush experiences that take users inside the psychedelic world of Dr. Strange. These are really cool mini comic experiences that do a great job of capturing what astral projection would be like… I assume.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this but we do virtual reality too. Don’t forget to check back for future updates on where this crazy medium is going.


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