1. Discovery

During Discovery, Britelite works with stakeholders to identify user and business goals, design principles, system requirements, and high level technical specifications. This collaborative process typically includes visioning and ideation sessions, user experience mapping, design exploration, hardware and system design, and project planning.

2. UX Design

Britelite uses the collective knowledge gained in Discovery to frame a user experience model and define interaction specifications. Our UX process sets the tone for the project, informs the visual layer, and establishes the development pipeline. Typical activities include scripting, storyboarding, establishing personas, and wireframing.

3. Visual Design

At Britelite, design is a balance between art, brand storytelling, aesthetics, and function. It creates an emotional bond with people and inspires them to take action. Throughout our creative process, we work with clients to imagine and create a compelling visual experience. Typical production activities include graphic design, animation, 3D design, UI design, and more.

4. Software Development

During the design phase, Britelite will begin a parallel software development track. Agile development sprints allow design assets to seamlessly flow into the experience so that visual progress can be evaluated in real time. Typical activities include prototyping, software engineering, system architecture, back-end development, app development, and content development.

5. User Testing & QA

Through the final stages of design and development, Britelite rigorously tests all system components with team members, stakeholders and designated user testers. Evaluating feedback and testing all system components upfront and often are critical for a successful launch. Typical activities include debugging, stress testing, user testing, and system integration.

6. Refinement

The refinement phase is designed to use feedback gained during QA and user testing to make final user and software updates to the system. Typical activities include design revisions, UI updates, site-prep, and final documentation.

7. Launch & Support

For the final stage of the project, Britelite system engineers to assist with system integration, perform on-site testing, and prep the system for launch. During this phase, we will provide system training to necessary partners and ensure that all support systems are online. Typical activities includes on-site installation, on-site technical support, event support remote support, analytics / measurements, and remote monitoring.