Interview with Artist Charles Gadeken

A champion of installation art, and an inspiration to many, artist Charles Gadeken took some time to answer a few questions from Britelite. Featured in one of our recent Inspiration Sensation blog series, here is a little more about Charles Gadeken… A local Bay Area luminary of industrial art, Charles Gadeken has been working in the

Working with Creative Technology Tools at Britelite

At Britelite, most of our projects involve dramatic and unusual presentations of interactive works. In order to build these projects, we use designs and software that go beyond those used in typical web and application development. This article describes some of these tools, how we use them, and how we integrate with other systems to

Evolution of the Experience

There are a lot of buzz words in our industry that are really setting ablaze to the museum/ exhibit art world — Immersive, Interactive, and of course Experience. The reality is that “immersive art installations” (experiences) have been around for decades, but just with more natural and holistic artistic mediums, materials and approach. As technology

How VR is changing the way we produce and experience music

  For anyone that has strapped into a virtual reality headset and used the 3D painting app Tilt Brush — have you ever thought of other ways the app could be applied to other forms of art? For me, music immediately popped up in my mind. When I first used the tilt brush app, it

Tech we’re looking forward to using in 2020

At Britelite, we stand out by bringing together technology and design to create magic for our customers. Last year we broke new ground in using wearables, embedded systems, and even beer pouring robots. However, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting tech, and have been keeping a close eye on recent conferences

Inspiration sensations: Immersive Installation artists

Technology ’s growing effect on modern art is indisputable and expanding at a rapid rate, to show off just what our community of artists are capable of — here is another round of ‘Inspiration Sensations‘. The range of immersive artists is vast and interesting, and boy do we have some interesting art for you today. Today

The Power of Interactivity- A Tale of Two Panels

Written by Patrice Speed   I’m the executive creative director at Britelite Immersive and I oversee the creative team from our strategy to UX to design. Recently I had the chance to speak on stage at the TIDE conference in Orlando and share a bit of our work process with an audience from all over

Food for thought from the Gray Area Art Festival

The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has been promoting projects at the intersection of art & technology for the past 10 years, including groundbreaking performances like Rhizomatiks + Elevenplay, an Algorithmic Art Festival, and others. Every year, the Gray Area Festival for the Arts features new works, presentations and workshops. We attended some of

10 must-see works of creative technology art in San Francisco

San Francisco’s art and culture have been increasingly intertwined with technology for the past several decades. Some of the products of that intersection are very visible, such as the Bay Lights, but there are many hidden treasures. We’ve put together a list of some works, new and perhaps less well-known, that should be on the


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