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Van Ness Gala

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CPMC Foundation

Van Ness Center Launch

To celebrate the debut of their groundbreaking new Sutter Health hospital, CPMC hosted a one of a kind Gala event for their partners and donors. Using Britelite's in-house platform 'Litehouse', we created a host of connected interactive experiences that immersed guests in the personalized care patients will receive at the hospital. From reactive projection walls to immersive robotic surgery simulators, Litehouse transformed the physical hospital into a connected black tie event that provided donors and partners a chance to have personalized, up close, and connected experiences. Guests were provided with wearable Bluetooth devices that allowed them to navigate and interact with individual experiences, providing engaging moments that brought to life what it is like to be a patient at Sutter Health.


  • CPMC Foundation

Project Type

  • Creative Technology
  • Interactive


  • Development
  • Installation


  • Unity 3D Engine
  • Motion Sensors
  • LED Curtain
  • Touchscreens
  • Projection Content

CPMC Van Ness

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The Result

The CPMC VNC Launch event was both an ambitious and successful event that set the stage for the future of healthcare experiences. Personalized moments drew in the attention of key donors, raising an unprecedented amount of funding for the hospital. Litehouse sensors provided key insights into attendee flow, behaviors, and preferences, all of which were used to personalize experiences while providing CPMC with attendee data used to validate ROI. The Installations demonstrated unique treatments that are enabled through a combination of expert care, technology and donor funding. With close to 1,000 attendees, the event was even larger and more impactful than the hospital could have imagined.

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